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26-Dec-2017 07:19

In either event, the stage is set for marital tension, conflict, and potential disaster.Of the thousands of clergy couples we have seen at EMERGE Ministries, Inc., most listed marital dissatisfaction as a major source of their pain.When a minister’s spouse has chosen another profession, she may feel her husband’s ministry conflicts with her career goals.Both may feel the ministry is an imposition on their marriage.Other studies of clergy couples confirm this observation.So, the wise, single minister will learn from the painful experiences of others the need to carefully consider several important factors when seeking a lifelong mate.Practicing self-control will enable you to reserve your final judgment about the wisdom of marrying a person until you have examined other dimensions of the relationship.

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Does the person you are considering as a spouse know how to be happy as a single person? Many future pastors fail to give basic questions such as these the consideration they deserve.

If you are unhappily married, there is still nothing like it. The public nature of ministry puts the minister’s marriage in the spotlight.