Federal law on post dating checks

30-Jan-2018 23:08

Likewise, some universities won’t accept those checks, so complications with enrollment (among other things) are a possibility.

In most cases, you can deposit or cash a postdated check early.

You’re allowed to to pay with a postdated check, and businesses are allowed to reject those payments because you haven’t really made a free-and-clear payment.

If you plan to write a postdated check, ask for permission before doing so.

In most cases, the recipient can deposit the check at any time.The retailers will usually accept post-dated monthly cheque payment installments up to several months in advance allowing their customers to pay for expensive goods as a sort of a line of no interest credit.A postdated check offers the promise of controlling the uncontrollable: As time marches forward, you may wonder what the date on a check really does.As a bill of exchange a post-dated cheque remains negotiable but it will not become a "cheque" till the date when it becomes "payable on demand".

and mainly revolves around section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.The two major issues before the courts are: 1) Post-dated cheques that are stopped by the bank or issuer, causing problems for whoever is to be paid by the cheque for goods or services provided and; 2) the reverse, in which a person is promised goods or services but does not receive them and has to stop the cheque.

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