Dating for people with genital warts

29-Jul-2017 23:59

About 90% of men are ‘cured’ by these techniques for a while, but it usually takes about 14 weeks of practising 3–5 times a week.Unfortunately about 60% of men find that the problem comes back after about a year, and the ‘unlearning’ has to be gone through again. They also require a good relationship with your partner, because they need require patience and they interfere with having sex spontaneously.

It is very important to discuss the problem with your partner.

You signal to her when ejaculation is about to happen.

She then remains perfectly still, or lifts herself off and either does nothing or applies the squeeze, before resuming intercourse in the same position.

It used to be thought that premature ejaculation was the result of a physical problem, such as irritation or inflammation of the urethra (the tube in the penis for urine and semen) or prostate gland, and there were nasty treatments such as squirting silver nitrate into the opening.

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There is no evidence that premature ejaculation is caused by such conditions.In almost every case, the man is physically normal; very rarely, it can be the result of a neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis. Most men with premature ejaculation have a close relative (father, brother or son) with the same problem, which suggests that genes may be involved in some men.